Netgear’s new Orbi mesh and Nighthawk routers are a cheaper way into Wi-Fi 7

An Orbi 770 mesh three-pack.
The Orbi 770 Wi-Fi 7 mesh system. | Image: Netgear

Netgear announced two new Wi-Fi 7 routers today: the Nighthawk RS300 and the Orbi 770. Both routers will come with 2.5Gbps ports and the benefits of Wi-Fi 7, such as 320Mhz channels that can potentially double wireless bandwidth for compatible hardware, but with lower prices this time around.

The Orbi 770 router has four 2.5Gbps ports: one to connect to your modem for internet access and three to distribute that to any devices you want to wire up. The satellite mesh nodes each have two 2.5Gbps ports, too, letting you connect more devices to those or wire them straight to the main one. That compares to its more expensive predecessor, the Orbi 970, which has two 10Gbps ports and three 2.5Gbps ports. Netgear also says the Orbi 970 offers up…

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